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Hi, it's nice to virtually meet you!  I'm Deanna!


I love to travel!  My favorite mode of travel is Cruising or All Inclusive.  People always ask me... where is your favorite place to go?  My answer is Venice, followed by Rome.  I have been very fortunate to have traveled to many places in the US, Europe and the Caribbean.  

Back in 2012 I decided I wanted to become a Travel Agent due to my love of travel.  I started my research, took some classes and I hit the ground running.  I applied for a job at a "chain" Agency and was told I didn't have enough experience.  I opted for a virtual agency and began my learning and booking experiences! Since then I have been able to triple my business every year!  Referrals have been a welcome blessing! Thank you to all my clients and networking accomplished with Deanna's Travel!  


With some hard work and constant, continued education-  Ship Inspections, Webinars galore, online classes, Supplier and Destination Classes and Training in person and my final accomplishment of having all of my sales above the required criteria... I decided to go out and and start my OWN Travel Agency.  


With in our first year we've added 2 Disney Specialists, a Cruise Specialist and Europe Specialist as well as getting special status for our Agency- we are Sandals and Beaches Certified! 


Fast forward to today, we have 6 Disney Specialists, 2 Universal Specialists, 10 Ocean Cruise Specialists, 4 River Cruise Specialists, 4 Group Specialists, 5 Destination Wedding Specialists and 2 Ordained Ministers, 4 Europe and 12 Caribbean Specialists on staff that work together to help our clients have the best journey!

Our missions is to provide our clients with The Best Experiences, with in your budget.  Our group of diverse agents each bring a unique passion and talent to provide you with the information and help you need from a quick over night get away to a trip around the globe!  We do it all!


Deanna Reilly

Group Pride
Grand Canyon
Cruise 1
Key West
Deanna and Greg Reilly


Lisa A, Oct 26th

I'm finally out of my jet lag fog. I want to give a big shout-out to Deanna and Lynda for helping me plan my trip!! You ladies rock!!!

If any of you Facebook peeps are planning a vacation, please consider using Deanna's travel agency for all of your travel needs. The accommodations and tours she arranged were all top notch!! 😊😊

Catherine E, November 7

If anyone is planning a trip I recommend Deanna. She did a great job for us and I know I'll be using her again.

Deanna's Travel, LLC is a Host Agency.  We are always looking to grow our team with experienced agents that share the same mindset!  Education, support, team work, our customers come first and we NEVER charge a fee to use our services!

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